Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a few pictures from our Texas trip

Paul & Laura outside Mac's
Fisherman PEYTON at Lake Lewisville

Caleb eating sushi Heather & Cole (9) at Lake Lewisville

Ray eating worms!!

We got to go to one of Jake's baseball games

Nanny Luke (11) Caleb (13)

Matt Ray Paul

The girls after a wonderful breakfast
I think I got all the family in a picture... Laura must have been hiding - I think I got her in two pictures... and one was of the whole family.
When we got home we had to drive back to Fairview but the weather held for us. Our first Sunday back (the 29th of March) we had a baptism service and baptized a young man who plays in a band. We also had our college Bible study on that Sunday night and there were 19 here at our home. We ate corn chowder, biscuits and had rhubard or blueberry cobbler... The boys liked the biscuits! I finished up the Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Studies with a supper and a luncheon.
On Palm Sunday we had a joint service at the United Church that evening and one of our ladies had us prepared to sing two songs at the service - it lasted for two hours with all the churches doing a couple of songs with scripture readings interspursed. We will also have a joint Good Friday service at the Westside Community Church.
If one of our ladies does not have her baby today they will induce her tomorrow (Good Friday) and we will travel to Grande Prairie to see her and get pictures of the baby to have in the service on Sunday.
Our Annie Armstrong goal is $3500.00 and the theme is Live with Urgency. Therefore Ray is preaching a series of sermons on Living with Urgency. I am sure it will be good to hear what he has to say (he is speaking at the Good Friday service too).
He is waiting on me at this very moment to come and cut his I will close for now and check in with you later. Lovingly, Hope