Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4th and it is snowing...

We have had the mildest winter. A warmer than usual February and March. April had the snow all gone and the golf course even open. Last night we had our monthly ladies ministry meeting and Ray was playing golf in his golf league...the wind was so cold when we came out of our meeting that I was wondering what was up.... snow. It is very cold and windy today and I need to put some socks on my feet as they are freezing!

Since our Luke visited us we have been quite busy. This week is a bit of a blur since our little Roger passed away early Saturday morning. He was diagnosed with his brain tumor on October 10th and died on his dad's birthday, May 1st. Roger was 10 years old. Ray will have his service at church on Thursday and there will be a memorial service at the school on Friday. Our ladies are busy preparing for the lunch for the people who attend the service.

Ray had his 65th birthday on Sunday and we had TWO lovely meals out with friends with a service at the longterm care in between. I am always telling Ray to "GET OVER IT" if he complains about anything....so I found a card that had a little cowboy sitting on the floor crying and all the card said was GET OVER IT. I could not pass that up!

We are having our first "Girls to Grandmas Tea" this coming Saturday so it has proven to be a very full week. We hope to honor women of all ages whether they are moms or not. I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Ray heard from his brother Terry for his birthday and we will be great aunties or uncles again with Tyler and Amy. Carrie is expecting her and Mike's baby this month. All so very exciting!

Patty Ford had a new grandson, Grant Wesley who arrived 3 weeks early on April 30th.... congrats to Jared & Kelley.

We are so excited about Max's new job - I hope his new company realizes what an awesome man they have hired! God is such a great provider - in every way.

Talked to sister this am and we are getting a little concerned about the OIL SPILL in the gulf as it is a month from tomorrow that we are due to check into a beach house in Pensacola Beach. We just want warm weather and sand for our toes and visiting with family. I don't think I would like a black beach (unless it is the one on Maui or the Big Island). That spill is such a mess and then you have all the earthquakes and other STUFF going on all over the world - is God trying to let us know it is time for Him to return? Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Ray is at prayer time with some of the area pastors. They meet on Tuesday mornings and it has been an encouraging time for Ray. The house is quiet when he is here since he studies so much of the time and of course when he is gone it is really quiet. I have to talk to myself. Ray is trying to get me to not talk so much and God has agreed with him that it would be a very good idea to listen more. I will definitely work on that.... you can pray with me about God using my ears to minister.

We filled out papers and looked at permanent residency but after learning the cost we felt it would be better to just go to the border and get extensions and much cheaper. Even after you are granted permanent residency you still have to apply for new cards ever so often. Paperwork is not fun you know. We had to list every place we had worked since we were 18... now that was a challenge for me - Ray did not have it too hard. We also had to list every place we lived from the time we were 18. Just a lot of information that somehow is hazy in my memory...now, I can remember every word of "Run Around Sue"... go figure.

On April 23rd four of us ladies from church went to Edmonton (I drove the whole way down and back!) for a Vacation Bible School clinic. Another lady met us there since she was in Edmonton with her husband. Two of us led sessions at the clinic. We went down on a Friday morning very early so we could shop on Friday and then the clinic was on Saturday from 8:00-1:30. Ray asked me why we were going so early - I said duh we are going to shop in the city. Ladies, food, shopping, talking and of course singing.... that is how I knew I could remember the songs! Frank Ford had put some oldies on CD for our drive to Canada back in 2006 so we pulled those out and it is amazing what the brain can remember.... we may forget all the important stuff but we can sing oldies!!

We got the word yesterday that we have 14 of the best folks in the state of Georgia coming to help with our VBS. We will have several that are returning guests but also some new faces. We are so very thankful for these dear ones who take time away from families, raise their own money, and travel to a foreign place to minister to kids for a week. GOD BLESS Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. Thank you to Ricky for leading the group this year. Pray for pastor Danny as he holds the fort down while all of them are away. Pray for VBS July 19-23 and for our director, Lora Casselman.

The end of March Ray spoke at a youth retreat in Worsley on Saturday and then Cesar Parra who led the youth came to our house for a "Action 52" event on Sunday. It was from 3-6 and we had almost 100 folks attend. He presented information about the Evangecube and how to share your faith 52 weeks of the year using seeds as reminders. We had several churches that participated and it has been fun to see the ways folks are sharing their faith. I was in charge of the childcare so the folks could participate. We had 4 classes of kids and I want to thank Priscilla Hale, Jennifer Hammerschmidt, Ember Selnes and Tristin Kaiser for giving up their Sunday afternoon. I was in the room with 3 babies and two of my special girls from Sunday School (Dallas & Taya). They proved to be a big help to me with the babies.

Paul & Laura both had birthdays in April and Matt & Heather had their anniversary. I sure miss being in town for their special events. JONI (my sister-in-law in Pennsylvania) will have her birthday on the 20th and it would be fun to surprise her with a visit too.

I hope everyone knows that Ray and I are here in Fairview because God gave us the word to be here. It is our prayer that HE will use us to help many come to a faith in the one true God and we will enjoy eternity with them. We would also like to help them grow in their faith and see God use them in this community. Let us not grow weary in well doing...... Hope

For Sunday May 9th - Happy Mother's Day to all you who have been blessed to be a Mom. What a privilege and responsibility to shape a life! Let God lead you with this undertaking.

Pictures above of our relaxing day with Mel & Lisa Lubeck on their land and the wonderful Trumpeter Swans.