Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Day at the Farm (several days painting)

As a part of our women's ministry there was a "sign up" list for projects that needed to be done around our church. I signed up to paint and do new flooring in the worship center bathrooms! Ok I painted on Tuesday the 3rd and Wednesday the 4th and thought I was finished - but Ray and I had driven to Spirit River and found a great floor at a great we imposed upon Jason Casselman (who works in Rycroft) to bring it home in his truck. Ray asked the folks on Sunday the 8th if anyone wanted to help him put the floor in.... no takers. On Monday the 9th when I got up there was no Ray around and I figured he was at church figuring out how to install the new floor.... I was sooooo right. He came in and asked if I wanted to help him.... so, the rest of Monday, most of Tuesday & Wednesday we worked in the ladies "washroom" and it looks awesome... even if I do say so myself. Now, I guess I will start on another one tomorrow.

Last Thursday we decided to go visit the Hale's (Curt & Patty) and see what it looked like to put up silage. Wow what a learning experience. Blue or Curt would drive the fields with a swather and then the "cutter" (SECOND PICTURE ABOVE) would follow that and the big trucks (THIRD PICTURE ABOVE) would run beside the cutter and would be filled up with the silage. They would then drive the rigs back to the farm where Patty would "pack" the silage with a large tractor (FOURTH PICTURE ABOVE). I rode with Patty and she was a pretty good "packer". All of this just to prepare food for all the cattle for winter. Every step was just for the cattle! Gotta love that beef..... The poor ladies have to also make sure all the helpers have lunch and supper.... ugh - I thought just keeping up with Ray was a chore! NOT...
Two of Curt & Patty's grown sons helped with the process... thanks Darcy & Robbie for all the sharing of facts....
Driving home from their farm we stopped to check on one of the members who had been to Edmonton for some medical tests. We found him out on the back of a machine that used to be pulled by horses but they had it rigged up to a tractor and were stacking wheat. What a sight to see. (FIRST PICTURE ABOVE)

We had a great day of worship today - Zenon and his troup did a great job with the praise time and Ray preached an awesome sermon from Ephesians (he is doing a series from the book on the power of God). We had scheduled a deacons meeting for right after church so I made up my chicken salad and put it on croissants and we had potato salad, veggie tray, chips and while the guys were in their meeting we made two freezers of ice cream.... yummy... we had one that was strawberry/banana and the other was vanilla. Florence brought two great pies (she is one of the BEST pie makers) a bumbleberry - which is 3 kinds of berries and a rhubarb. I feel like I waddled home.... so Ray and I took a bike ride and visited some folks. All in all a very good Lord's day. Hope you are as blessed as I am to live where I can worship the Almighty in freedom. Thank you Canada.