Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Moose at Visitor's Center
Hoarfrost 2/13/2009
So, did you do "something" in the name of LOVE today? Don't you love the way that the greeting card companies make up things for us to celebrate. Of course Valentine's Day has been around for a long time and we can choose to have fun with it or make ourselves miserable when we do not get something we wanted...especially from our significant other. If you have done any reading from Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages" then you know that GIFTS is one of the languages than can determine if a person feels lovedl loved. Boy, am I glad Ray and I neither one have that as a heart language!! We just enjoy being together...makes it quite easy and cheap.

We are having a Family Game Night at church with spaghetti supper tonight. I am looking forward to spending time with friends and just being silly. I even "bought" a cheesecake to take but WILL make a salad. Ray will tell you that I always feel compelled to bake something whenever we are having a get together at church or in our home... maybe I am outgrowing that trait.

We drove to Grande Prairie yesterday and picked up our glasses (hopefully Ray will hold on to his good and tight this time since his last pair are on Maui somewhere). We are both adjusting to progressive lens and the distance away we need to be from our book to read something....this may take a few days.

On Thursday morning we got a call about a member's house fire...thankfully it only damaged the family room and garage. It is a scary time of year to think of being displaced from your home. When driving home from GP we stopped in to see the damage to the house. They own Dunvegan Gardens and as we pulled into the Visitors Center there was a moose standing at the door - it looked like he wanted in...then he walked over to the pay phone and it looked like he wanted to make a call. Ray and I pulled the car as close as we could get and watched him for a while. They are quite interesting creatures. As it turns out the folks were most blessed as a passing motorist saw the fire in the chimney and called them to alert them. God is good!

It snowed some yesterday and today but the most spectacular sight was the "hoarfrost" that we received yesterday - which is still hanging around today. I will try to attach a picture showing some of the effects. The fog moves in and just freezes to everything...a picture cannot begin to show the magnitude of the scene.
I pray that this will find each of you living each moment of your life in a state of God consciousness or God awareness. My brother mailed me a book "A Testament of Devotion" by Thomas R. Kelly (Quaker missionary, educator, speaker, writer, and scholar 1893-1941). The premise is to be AWARE of God's presence every moment of your life. I am working my way through it with the knowlege that I know that is the kind of relationship that God desires from each of us that call Him Father. Think about that and we will talk about it soon.
Loving each of you and thankful for your input into our lives and work here in Canada. Hope

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