Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where is 2010 going?

It is so very hard to imagine that it is September of 2010. It has been almost a month since I wrote on our blog and it is just hard to keep up with all the goings on at Cornerstone and in Fairview.

David & Bev Hudson have been visiting our church and invited us out to their farm on August 18th. David used to be a contractor and built the coolest greenhouses for Bev to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. Her garden was beautiful. I want to be like Bev when I grow up (like that's going to happen). She fixed us a yummy meal and we enjoyed seeing their place and finding out about their family. Their dog "Nana" was the coolest.
On the 20th we were invited to have dinner with another family that has been visiting our church. Matt & Allison Clarke (Will, Emma, Danea, Sadie & Ella). What a fun family - a big thank you to both of these families for the wonderful fellowship and food.
The 21st we had the privilege of having the new Nehemiah professor and his wife from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane as house guests. And to think they only lived about a mile from us in Arlington!! Our world really is small. Dan Morgan and his wife Melanie left four grown children in the US to come serve in Canada. Dan preached for us on Sunday morning the 22nd and then we went to Worsley with them on Sunday night for him to share with their church.

The week of the 23rd seemed like it was full of visits from church folks off and on throughout the days and then on Wednesday we drove back to Worsley to attend the funeral of Mel Lubeck's grandmother.
On Saturday we had a work day at church and I ended up in the men's bathroom for about 7 hours painting.... boy does it look good (even if I do say so myself). There was a lot of work going on and we had planned to baptize two folks in the Peace River that afternoon but it was a cold and rainy day so we opted to just have a corn roast and beef on a bun (Thank you Ron & Pauline Friesen for the great food). This was a nice reward for a day of hard work.

We headed to Stoney Lake on the evening of the 29th with Curt & Patty Hale - he had a new fishing method that an old German had taught him.... boy did we catch the trout! (Ray and I even went back on the 3rd and enjoyed an evening of fishing with just the two of us - sorta like a date?) The pictures above are from our trip. My fish is a rainbow trout and Ray's is a brook trout.

We began our new Sunday School year on the 5th and Ray ended up teaching youth. We need a youth teach and preschool teacher. Please pray with us about these needs. We did get to baptize our two on the 5th and it turns out the water was probably as cold as it was in The Peace River. The heater decided to not work!! Hester & Sam were great sports and carried it off with dignity. Ray wears his waders and was no worse for the wear.

On Monday (Labor Day) Ray and I played in the Fairview Ministerial Golf Tournament. It was another cold day and 18 holes never seemed so long. Zenon (one of our music team leaders) and Matt, a young man who has visited our church, played on our team. We finished at -5.

We took the day to go to Grande Prairie today (I looked like a shaggy dog and needed a hair cut). We visited some folks at the hospital and made several stops for various things for church and home. It was a very rainy day. It is supposed to be 2C in the am and we are definitely not ready for this. I am planning to go paint another bathroom tomorrow. I have two down and six to go!!
My niece, Sarah Davis, was in a car wreck on the 29th and we are so very thankful that she was not injured any worse than she was. We are praying for a complete recovery for her.
My brother, David Davenport, is hunting in Wyoming and we are praying for he and his two friends to have a safe trip back to Pennsylvania.
As always remember Ray and I as we truly seek God's direction for each day and that we will honor Him in all things. Ray is preaching out of Ephesians and we will be looking at the armor that we need to put on each day. Ephesians 6:14-18 - Make sure you have your's on!!

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