Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No, this is NOT my Thanksgiving table! (left picture) This is the table that I hostessed for the Ladies Tea and Silent Auction that we have in November each year. Our ladies donate items new or homemade that we sell to attendees to raise monies for our mission projects. Our theme (in case you did not notice) was A Winter Wonderland. It is so much fun to work with several of our young ladies - boy do they have creative minds. It was such a lovely evening with our chai latte, cider, flavored teas, assortment of cakes, (picture on right - this picture was taken before all the cakes arrived), door prizes, skits, candy cane devotion, singing and wonderful conversations. It was a very cold evening but we had no snow. BUT, I might add that we do now. I guess it is here until May.
Mona is leading a Mom to Mom study on Wednesday mornings and I help round up their kids while they study. Patty Hale & Carole Seghers are there to help and we can have up to 16 kids. Now if that will not keep you young.....I don't know what will!
The church surprised us on the first Sunday of November by asking us to leave right before Ray preached. Then when they brought us back into the worship center and they informed us that the church had given us a trip home for Christmas. We were so shocked but elated at the same time. This will be our 5th Christmas up here and the first time we have gone to Texas to be with family. It did not take me long to purchase our tickets. We decided to fly out of Calgary as it is less money but also gets us home with less flying hassles. We will drive to Calgary after church on the 19th and stay at the airport. We fly out early on the 20th of December and arrive before noon at DFW. Paul will pick us up and take us to his place to pick up a car and we will then head north to Matt and Heather's. Christmas Eve we will all drive to Paul & Laura's to spend our family time together. I AM SO EXCITED. The rest of the time will be spent with family/friends. We do not fly home to Fairview until the 5th of January. Sure hope Arlington does not have a white Christmas (sorry kids).

Jake had surgery for a deviated septum on Friday the 19th and I was so thankful that Matt could be with Laura (Paul had to be in Tampa for work). Laura's dad, Mike, stayed at the house and got Caleb & Luke to all their appointed places. Laura parents are great!!

It has been in the -20's for almost 2 weeks now and I think my body is FINALLY getting used to it. It was sooooo mild up until then. It is "very" hard to go to the pool at 10:00am when it is this cold - why would anyone be in a bathing suit when it is that cold. But I certainly feel better doing the water aerobics. Burr

My main reason for writing this particular blog is to say that I pray all of you who will celebrate Thanksgiving this week will be mindful of the goodness of the Lord. "Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ our Lord, and now let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us.....give thanks"! Great and mighty is HE. Love to all our family and friends,


December birthdays and anniversaries

6 Carrie & Mike Hodges

10 Bob & Sharon Shannon

11 Max Ray Graber
( Hopefully Master Eli Shannon will be here on the 15th)

18 Ray & Hope Shannon (44)

21 Marylyn Smith

25 Linda Shannon

31 Tate Davis

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