Monday, September 14, 2009

Hope, Ray and Dave Brisbin

Hope when the COLD weather arrived.

This is our 4th September in Fairview, Alberta and the best (weather wise) so far. We are loving it! On Labor Day the Fairview Ministerial held their annual golf tournament and Ray talked me into playing. It was a scramble which helped but they had to use 2 of my putts and 2 of my drives - ok - I made it through that... thanks to the two other GENTLEMEN who played on our team. Dennis Radbourne & Dave Brisbin (pastor of the Gospel Chapel). They were such great sports! We played 18 holes with lunch separating the first 9 holes and the last 9 holes. The last two holes were played in rain/wind/cold. NO FUN!

Ray is out tonight playing for his Monday night league in the PLAYOFFS. It is beautiful today and I am so glad for him.

Yesterday was a marathon for us. Sunday school and church were of the normal variety but I was preparing lunch for all our teachers and spouses for teacher training which followed morning worship. We ate speghetti, caesar salad, garlic bread & pies. Ray did a good job with his presentation and inspiration for the teachers. We went home for a couple of hours and then had the kickoff for our "young marrieds Sunday night Bible study". We were at church a little over 3 hours with the "babies" - those guys look soooooooo young - and they are! We will be studying "Intimate Marriage".

Next week we will have Sunday afternoon service at the nursing home and be back to the College/Singles Bible study here in our home. Sundays do tend to be long days for us so please lift a prayer to the Lord and ask him to bless us with strength especially on Sundays.

It has not been that long since I wrote on the blog but wanted you to see us at the golf tournament. We got several prizes from drawings that were held at our dinner. Fun part!!

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