Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall in The Peace

FALL in the Peace Country means our Ladies Retreat. Our team of young ladies did an excellent job in planning and carrying out our fun day. You will notice that we had a "What Not To Wear" show with Stained Up Stella, Raisin Wrinkled Rosie and Mismatched Molly (alias Carmen Enns, Bridget Zylstra and Christine Parker). MC's for the show were Stacy Lou (Rae Hale) and Quintina (Mona Wilson). The theme of our retreat was "A Fresh Brewed Life" which is also the title of a book that our speaker, Teresa Rilling, referred to while speaking. We enjoyed coffee and tea tasting (talk about a caffeine HIGH) and a judging of the cups that the attendees had brought as their favorite coffee/tea cup/mug. We ate, laughed, cried and fellowshipped the day away. Thanks youngins!!

Sunday we had a good day in worship, fun singing with the folks in Harvest Lodge and our Young Marrieds were looking over "the goal of marriage". Another full and rewarding day.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL - we know of one couple that loves football up here in our neck of the woods and since they are dyed in the wool Carolina fans and Dallas was playing the Panthers - we had a party. We grilled steaks and ate baked potatoes, caesar salad and yummy bread - followed by peach cobbler at halftime. Josh & Katie both had on Carolina Jerseys - so Ray and I need to step it up and get Dallas tee shirts anyway!! First half was awful but the second half was better (sorry Josh).

Ray and I took off to Grande Prairie to make a Costco run on Tuesday after I kept Alexis for a while (her brother goes to speech therapy here in town and she has more fun with me). It was a rainy day but we did get some pictures of the beautiful leaves and the Dunvegan Bridge. We enjoyed our time and as always the trip to and from GP is filled with plans for church and Hope making lists. When we stopped to pick up our mail as we got back to Fairview - I noticed that the rain had turned to something a little lighter..... ugh. SNOW on September 29th!! I think I may develop SAD (seasonal adjustment disease) before this winter is over. Just north of us they were blessed with 11" of snow.

Here is hoping that you are having a good Wednesday and living your life full of purpose and for eternal value. This time on earth is only temporal you know.. Get your voice tuned up to sing praises for all eternity. Love you, Hope

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