Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is our 4th Fall in The Peace

May I tell you how glorious this fall has been so far? We hardly have any snow! The temperature has only gone down to -10C! The sun is shining! I am loving it ~ actually had on shorts and short sleeved top while cleaning house on Wednesday.

Wednesday was Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in US). Ray attended a service at The Legion Hall with standing room only. The stores were all closed and everyone had on their red poppies.

Fall has been busy for many reasons:

1. We had revival October 25-27
Ray's brother Terry with wife Darlene above lead music)

2. Ladies Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. (see note at end of blog)
(Yeah Mona for leading the Tuesday night study and Christine Z
for leading the "country" study.)

3. College/Singles Bible study on the 1st & 3rd Sunday nights

4. Young Married Bible study on the 2nd & 4th Sundays
(now moved to right after church with a bite of lunch).

5. Ray had trip to Cochrane for National Leadership Board meeting. (2nd-4th)

6. Ray is leaving Tuesday (17th) for Coaching Clinic (brand new and he is excited about this).

7. We have had a lot of folks in the hospital with illnesses and surgeries.

8. One of our members passed away, Mr. Bob Little, and we had a very large funeral at church.

9. We had a wonderful wedding at church, Ron Hart & Kim Horner, on November 7th.

10. The ladies have their annual tea and silent auction next Friday (20th) and I serve on that
committee with Hester (our fearless leader), Wanda and Bridget.
Christine Z will head up the auction.

11. I also serve on the Christmas Concert committee that Betty Hale chairs and she has done
an amazing job getting us ready for the program which will be on December 13th.

12. Our Christmas banquet is on the 11th and thanks to all the hard work of our ladies we have
new dishes and cutlery for the tea and the banquet!

13. The fellowship hall and kitchen floors were stripped on Monday (9th) & what a FUN time
Patty, Dawn, Christine Z and I had!! Sliding all over the place but what a difference our
efforts made. Then two ladies each day for 4 days have gone in and added a coat of wax.

14. We are trying to not get too excited about our trip to Texas for US Thanksgiving!! Woohoo!
Grandboys ~ here we come. We will fly out of GP on the 24th and return on December 3rd.
I know I am leaving out so much but wanted to just let you know we will be at LABC on the 29th and hope to see many of you then.
NOTE: I wanted to also let you know what a great Bible study I have been doing this fall. It is called Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. There are so many voices calling out to us for our time and attention. How do we hear the gentle whisper of God's voice? Pray, read His Word, worship weekly, listen to your "Eli" and God will CONFIRM what He is saying to you. Now, after you hear Him what do you do? OBEY!! We as believers cannot be trying to decide IF we will obey ~ it's all in our name, CHRISTIAN. Love you all, HOPE

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