Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Season of Thanksgiving

It is Pastor Appreciation Month and our folks at Cornerstone Baptist Church have the biggest hearts. The ladies ministry presented us with a Canadian Maple Leaf quilt in beautiful fall colors. I am the high peak in the middle behind the quilt!! Betty Hale is President of our women's ministry. They also had all my former and present Sunday School classes walk in and bring us a gift (cookies - very good) and sing songs and read some verses. A couple of them said they wanted to be like Pastor Ray.
It is almost Thanksgiving and I want to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be having some folks over to help us with the ham and turkey. October is also a busy month for birthdays:
Aunt Marme - October 9th - Happy 85th
Niece Susie - October 12th Canadian Thanksgiving too!
Daughter-in-law Heather - October 14th
Nephew Connor - October 15th
This is wishing each of you a very blessed day to commemorate your birth. You are loved!

We had more snow last night and it was quite icy today. It did not get above freezing. Mr. Bob Little passed away and we are having our first funeral for a church member since we have been here. There was an amazing team of ladies at church tonight helping make lunch for tomorrow. I hope the weather will not keep folks from honoring this special gentleman.
I am glad that Ray and I drove to Grande Prairie yesterday. We needed some supplies for church and the bridge at Dunvegan was closed for 3 hours today - due to the weather.
I am trying to catch a cold and think I will head to bed - it is almost midnight here and hopefully Ray will have the bed all warm!! We have been looking for an electric blanket - you would think it would not be that hard to find one up here in the far north....... Sleep good, Hope

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