Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Our house has room for parking four cars underneath the house and then you climb up to the next level that has 3 BR and 2-1/2 Baths. Then you climb up another flight of stairs to where the kitchen, LR and another bedroom/bath are located. It has a large deck (part covered and part sunny) and a small porch with a grill. We have surely gotten our exercise these two weeks. If you go up another flight of stairs there is another large deck (not covered and HOT)but good for our sun bathers. The boardwalk to the beach is right by the house and Paul set up his easy up at the beach and we just take the top off at night in case of storms. The weather has been perfect with only a small afternoon thunderstorm today.

Many of us are avid shell collectors and there has been buckets and bags full of shells. There was a large board for surf sailing here at the house and the older kids put it to good use.

We were quite anxious about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that was reported to be headed to Pensacola Beach.... the first morning we saw a few TAR BALLS and then one other day there were some minor sightings.... but God has blessed us with beautiful weather, sand, water and family fellowship.

On Friday the 11th Ray and I drove toward Texas and met Matt and Heather in Louisiana and picked up Cole - 10 and Peyton - 7 (until July 3rd) and brought the two smallest boys back with us for a time at the beach. Boys, boys, boys..... we went to see How to Train Your Dragon and it was so cute...LOVED IT. Hiccup was just like our JACOB....

We have eaten and eaten and eaten and believe me boys can eat. We have probably consumed several grains of sand with our food too.

Carrie Hope Shannon Hodges gave birth to her first child (a boy don't you know) while we were here... Carter Brian was born June 13th at 5:00am weighing in at 7lbs10oz and 21" long. We are so excited for them...

We are still waiting on word from Robbie & Renae Hale about their expected arrival.

Canada seems sooooo far away from the white sand of the emerald coast but on Friday we will drive back to Texas and visit with Matt and Heather a couple of days and then catch up with friends in Arlington. I will be picking up some items for VBS and then focus will change from holiday/vacation to getting to work. See you later........ Remember - we serve an awesome God.

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