Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PENSACOLA BEACH June 5-19, 2010

We have looked so forward to seeing our families and spending time at the beach. After a snowy drive to Edmonton for Dennis Rempel's wedding on May 22... we were closer than ever to our departure time. Ray included a trip to British Columbia for the National Leadership Board meeting May 30 - June 2 just prior to our drive to Calgary on the 3rd. Thank you to Wilson & Mary Win Nelson for the lodging and EARLY morning drive to the airport on the 4th. Thank you to Max Graber for the ride from the DFW airport and use of your car as we picked up our oldest grandson (Jacob 16) and headed to Florida. We drove as far as Lafayette, LA where we spent the night of the 4th. My sister, Marylyn and her husband, Doyle, and two of their grandchildren (Sarah - who will be 18 on the 23rd) and Bailey - who is 14) were driving down from Tennessee and our son, Paul and his wife, Laura and their boys Caleb - 14 and Luke - 12 were driving from Arlington, Texas on the 5th. We received a text message on Saturday morning that Luke was throwing up in the car on their drive.... I told Ray I was sure glad that we had brought Jake and not Luke when I heard Jacob throwing up in our hotel room.... the virus claimed Laura by the end of the day and on Sunday Ray had it also. Caleb started the whole mess the Wednesday before. I am so thankful that Paul and I and my sister's crew avoided catching the bug.

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