Saturday, July 31, 2010

All was peaceful in Jasper, Alberta

What a refreshing time Ray and I enjoyed in Jasper, Alberta. On Tuesday the 27th we left Fairview and drove to Grande Prairie (enjoyed a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich and coffee), Grande Cache and then into Jasper Nat'l Forest. Upon arrival we grabbed a Subway sandwich and were off to Maligne Canyon and Medicine Lake. Two of our favorite places! I will attach some pictures. We saw one of the biggest elk ever and it caused quite a traffic jam on Maligne Road. We stayed in town at the Whistler Inn and found a restaurant "La Fiesta" - YUMMY. Ray ate nachos (huge) and I had enchiladas. We know they will be in heaven. We slept in on Wednesday as we both crashed after two VBS's and everything else this summer. We ate a wonderful breakfast at the Inn and then headed to a 12:20 tee time at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. I rode and took pictures....lots and lots of pictures. Ray played with three members of the club and they were helpful on where to place a particular shot. Ray asked them about bears and they said one time they had to wait about an hour while a momma bear and two cubs played around one of the tee boxes. Imagine the site!
That evening we drove into town for a bite at Earls - Ray ate a hamburger (his favorite food) and I had soup, salad and pan bread (a speciality at Earls). Of course we ended up with ice cream every night after our meal. We walked the property at the Fairmont and found the bald eagle that I had taken pictures of earlier in the day. There are walking trails EVERYWHERE and we so enjoyed our evening.
The folks at the lodge said that this was the FIRST warm week they had this summer. One of the girls, Sarah from Ontario, said she works at the golf course three days a week and had been in winter overalls just the week before. I guess the weather is tricky in the Canadian Rockies.
On Thursday Ray played golf again but I opted to read, walk, sip cool drinks in the lodge and visit with the young folks that worked there. We ate at the lodge that evening and had the most elegant supper (and we were the only ones on the whole patio - most of the folks eat later). I had a watermelon, spinach, pineapple salad with raspberry vinaigrette - Ray ate a plain Caesar!! He ate a rib eye and I had the best pasta I have ever put in my mouth. We then headed to town to see INCEPTION - the movie everyone was talking about..... needless to say Ray and I both found it to be too far fetched. We drove around the lakes and just looked at all of God's beautiful creation for the rest of the evening and then topped it off with ice cream. There are little shops all over Jasper that sell ice cream...and when you see someone walk by licking a nice big waffle cone - you have to go get one (don't you?)
On Friday morning we checked out of the lodge and drove home (after stopping in at Bear's Paw bakery). We spent the time driving to and from Jasper working on church planning for the fall and making a lot of plans. It was a productive time as well as a relaxing time.
The clothes are all washed and put away and our church clothes are ironed for tomorrow, Ray's sermon is ready and my Sunday school lesson is ready. Now, we pray the Lord will come and make His presence known to the people who attend Cornerstone tomorrow. Shake it all up, Lord, and we will praise You.
We got a call from Matt a couple of hours ago and he was at the emergency room at Denton Regional Hospital thinking he was having an attack of appendicitis.... HE WAS RIGHT and is in surgery. So we are anxiously waiting to hear from Heather. Paul is driving up to Denton to check on his little brother. We are praying that all will be taken care of and he will return to good health quickly. It is hard to live far away when things like this are going on... Psalm 136 speaks to God's love enduring forever and He has certainly been with us... May HE be glorified in our family. HOPE

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