Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who Am I?

What a great two weeks. Looking at it from the other side I remember being so "afraid".... so much to do, how will it all work. My last post showed the beginning of our Vacation Bible School in Hines Creek. The 4 day school (which was designed around the team that was SUPPOSED to come from Texas) and then the kids singing for the parents and our picnic on Friday had an enrollment of 51. What a great group of kids. We were very well received and will hopefully be able to do that next year as well. The site was so perfect and the caretakers of the museum were so helpful to work with throughout the week. The theme/Bible content for this year and the music were some of the best that Lifeway has had in a few years.
The school was over on the 16th and on the 17th our team of 13 from Georgia arrived in Fairview. We had 10 returning folks and 3 new ones from Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Carrollton, GA. This was their 3rd year to join us and they have seen our kids grow in their faith. We added "Missions" back into our rotation this year and that was a huge blessing (Thanks Angie & Becky for taking the lead). We had 233 enrolled with an average attendance of 198. Our youngest worker was 12 and our oldest was 76.... you are never too young or too old for God to use your gifts and talents. REMEMBER THAT! I am 63 and on Wednesday there were 32 four year olds (picture) in our room. Thanks to Sandra, Brittany, Alex (visiting from Mexico) and my neighbor who will be an 8th grader, Brittany. Tuesday was CRAZY HAIR day (picture) and the kids got totally into it.

The Georgia folks came to our home for lunch everyday but each evening they were hosted by a church family for a meal that caused me to gain several pounds this week. Great job! Ron & Pauline Friesen, Mel & Lisa Lubeck, Zenon & Mona Wilson and Hennie & Hester Boshoff. For lunch on Wednesday Carmen Enns & Christine Parker brought us soups - yummy. They also enjoyed some 5 pin bowling and decided that 10 pin was easier!

We got to take advantage of our new deck (thanks Nathan Wegreen and all who helped him) and used it for the 5th-6th grade classroom. We thank Dan Dockery for his suggestion that we add some additional space between buildings. The two easy ups (gifts from Carrollton Baptist Association and Pleasant Ridge BC two years ago) allowed protection from the sun but unfortunately no rain. Our 'peace country' is the dryest it has been in years and we need prayers for all our farmers as they will suffer financially from this drought.
Friday was a hard day for Ray as he learned that a good friend had died from cancer. We will miss Randy Pittman and our prayers go out to Teri, Daniel & Trisha.

Ray preached the most awesome sermon this morning. He used the whole Bible School week for our folks. Who Am I? Does God Care About Me? What Is God's Plan For Me? How Can I Be Like Jesus? What Do I Do Now?
Things to remember -
Spiritual questions need spiritual answers.
Christianity is more than a 'hope so' life.
Christianity is a 'doing life'.
Things to ask -
Does my life line up with the life of Christ?
Is my hope in this world or in the life of Christ?
Have I truly received Him as my personal Lord?
He actually had a visitor (who is a catholic) say - "I wish it was as easy as you say pastor"
Pray for this one to find Jesus.... it is as easy as Ray said!!

Ray and I are taking a little road trip to Jasper. We will go to Maligne Canyon (look it up on the internet - it is so beautiful) and golf a couple of days. Ray had promised if I was still standing after the two weeks of VBS's that this would be a time of refreshing.... before new Sunday School year and all. He is a man of his word... I will send you some wonderful pictures of God's beautiful world when we return. To Him be the glory - great things He has done!!!!

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